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Direct to Retail Division

Prima Food Ingredients Ltd is a leading worldwide trader, importer & exporter. The company operates and specializes in four main divisions: food, chemicals, vinegar and direct to retail. The divisions offer wide range and types of products, while offering its customers high quality at a very competitive price. Our products are exported and Imported by our well-qualified and experienced team, will ensuring uncompromised satisfaction and peace of mind across our supply chain.

Prima Food Ingredients solely represent leading manufacture that specializes within our four main divisions: food, chemicals, vinegar and direct to retail.  The company has a wide range and network of agents and suppliers globally, who offers the advantage of full region coverage, while monitoring all quality, production and logistics aspects.

Prima Food Ingredients is committed to quality, value & timeliness, accustomed to achieving it at every time. Prima Food Ingredients operates a dedicated and experienced staff, who responds to every customer needs and orders on a timely manner, ensuring them with the best service and competitive prices.

Prima Food Ingredients highly values the relationship with each of its customers and suppliers.

We look forward to developing a long term partnership of trust, honesty and integrity with our entire business partner.



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